Tanzania Mission

15Joel Newby is a missionary to Tanzania sent from Abundant Life Fellowship. He started serving part time in Tanzania in 2011 and full time in 2013. Joel has been partnering with local Tanzanian Pastor Erick Oguta, a long time friend of Abundant Life Fellowship. Joel’s ministry is split into two different categories: Long-Term Projects & Spiritual Development.
Long-Term Projects
Joel helps alongside an organization called Samaria Co-Operative Society, which is involved in many community development projects. Primarily he works with the Kisakuwa group of Samaria. Their goal is to work on projects as a society and use the profit to pay for orphaned children’s school fees and supplement the families looking after them. They have already built an office in order to be government recognized. After the completion of the office, a large scale income generating chicken project was started. The group hopes to start a dairy project, a drinking water project, along with other profit based ideas.
Joel and Pastor Erick have also started and oversee various other groups such as a widow and single mothers union, men’s fishing business, and they are starting a similar community based development project in another village. They hope to continue to encourage the people in desperate need to find work to care for their families.
Spiritual Development
The spiritual side of the ministry is mostly involved in the Kiseke Church of the Nazarene, which involves preaching and teaching the Bible. Joel and Pastor Erick also try to take time to visit with people in the community encouraging them in the places they are and visiting those who are sick and in need of prayer.
How You Can Get Involved!
Financial donations help Joel get from place to place but they also go to parts of the long-term projects and to those who are in need of assistance. Donated finances will go to such things as:
  • Nkome NGO Projects
  • Widows Union
  • Famine Relief
  • School Fees
  • Church Fundraisers
  • Bible Distribution
  • Hospital Bereavement
You can click here to give to make a tax-deductible donation to Joel’s ministry.