**Call the church office for exct addresses & contact phone numbers.
Sunday Ladies Lunch Bunch
When:   Sundays after 2nd service
Dates:   Starts January 20th
Host:     Madeline Daniel
Where:  Butte, Perkins restaurant
Advance your faith in the father with other ladies each Sunday at Perkins.  While eating lunch, we will discuss the Sunday sermon and how it relates to our everyday life.  Join us for fun, fellowship and food.
Youth Bible Study
(Middle & High School)
When:   Sundays at 6:30pm
Dates:   Starts January 13th
Host:     Isaac & Caitlin Goulson 
Where:  Butte, various locations – Check with Isaac
We will be reading and studying the Bible and growing deeper in our relationship with God and with one another.  Come enjoy friendship with your peers as we grow in the knowledge of God’s Word together.
Equipping for Service
When:  Mondays at 7:00pm
Starts:  January 21st
Hosts:  John & Cheri Brownell
Where: Butte
Learn how to use the theophostic prayer method.  This prayer method is designed to reveal the hurts and traumas we have experienced in the past and will show you how to walk in the freedom of Christ as the Lord heals your emotions.
Unshakable Hope
When:   Mondays at 6:30pm (Dinner @ 6:15pm)
Starts:   February 18th (12 weeks)
Host:     Jacque Alter
Where:  Rocker
Max Lucado’s, Unshakable Hope DVD study, provides groups the opportunity to discuss and apply what they experience during the 12 week study.  This study will open participants’ eyes to how they can view their problems in light of God’s many promises in Scripture.  The of the book & study guide is $22.00, payable at the time of registration.
Worship & Prayer
When: Tuesdays – 6:30pm                     
Dates: Starts Beginning of January    
Hosts: Shawn Sheilds & Sadiq Inuwa                Where:  ALF Prayer Room
Join us for a time of worship followed by prayer.  We will be praying for people individually and for any other need that arises.
Without Rival by Lisa Bevere
(Open to teenage girls & women, no childcare.)
When:     Tuesday 6:30 – 8:00pm
Dates:     January 15th
Host:       Bonnie Schilling
Where:    Butte
You are uniquely loved! We’ll be learning more about the love of God and embracing our God given identity and purpose as we dive into this book and video series.  Topics include: Love Fearlessly, Live Uniquely and Leave a Redemption Legacy.  
Marriage Bible Study Bundle
When:   Thursday 6:30pm
Dates:   Starts January 17th
Hosts:   Dave & Toni Zimmer
Where: Anaconda
Learn to seek God together as you grow in your love and commitment towards one another.
Study topics include:
1.  Marriage is a partnership (6 Session study)
2.  Communication in marriage (6 Session study)
3.  Seeking God together (Single Session study)
Bible Study on 1 Corinthians
When:  Every other Thursday 6:30pm
Dates:  Starts January 24th
Hosts:  Andrew & Sabine Klement
Where: Butte
How does the Christian lifestyle differ from the culture as a whole?  How do you live in a pagan culture and still pursue godliness?  Come join us as we go through a study on 1 Corinthians and discover more of how to walk the Christian walk.
Daniel: Faithful in all Circumstances
When:     Thursday at 6:30pm
Dates:     Starts January 24th
Host:       Randy & Tish Fortier
Where:    Whitehall
While we most often remember Daniel as the one in the lion’s den, there is a lot more to his life.  This 6 week study walks us through the life of Daniel and encourages us to trust and obey God.  Throughout the first six chapters of Danile, we will learn about how to remain faithful in all circumstances of life.
I Declare War (women only)
When:     Friday at 8:45am
Dates:     Starts January 18th
Host:       Kim Eldred
Where:    Buxton
In Levi Lusko’s book, I Declare War, he identifies four weapons you have at your disposal, including your thoughts, your words, behaviors and power.  This book also illustrates how to use them to achieve ongoing victory with tools from God’s word to help you.