Tanzania Mission

The Newby Family – Serving in Tanzania


Joel started as a full time missionary in Mwanza in 2013 and has since started a family and grown in ministry.  Joel and Samantha, along with their two children, Hephzibah (9) and Ethan (2), are now serving as full time missionaries in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Abundant Life Fellowship in Butte, MT, sent the Newby’s to work with Emmanuel International (EI).  EI is a small non-denominational mission sending organization that partner with churches at a local level in order to help churches in the development of missions.  In Mwanza, EI partners with the Tanzania Assemblies of God.

The main project is an entrepreneurial project on a nearby island in Lake Victoria.  This project is based in churches and its goal is to help people living in poverty find ways of starting businesses so their lives may flourish.  At the same time teaching them the word of God through business lessons.

In addition to this project, the Newby’s help their teammates in Conservation Agriculture, Bee and Health projects.  Every Sunday they assist in conducting ministry to street boys and the destitute living on the streets by praying with them and providing a small meal.

If you would be interested in supporting the Newby’s with a onetime gift or a monthly contribution please follow, the link below or contact them directly.

  Email: jznewby@gmail.com P.O. 6465 Mwanza, Tanzania